Przedsiębiorstwo Odmetanowania Kopalń "Zachód" Sp. z o.o.

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The Company "Przedsiębiorstwo Odmetanowania Kopalń 'Zachód' sp. z o.o." (in short POK "Zachód" sp. z o.o.) was established in 1991. The basis for the company was the existing Center for Ventilation and Methane Research - a research unit of coal mines in Zabrze, Bytom and Ruda Śląska cities.
The company consists of three laboratory and analytical centers as well as foundry dust production plant "Carbo-Odlew". Coal dust produced in Carbo-Odlew serves as a supplement of the molding compound. The units Ośrodek Badań Laboratoryjnych "Szczygłowice" (Center for Laboratory Analyses "Szczygłowice"), Ośrodek Badań Metanowych "Sośnica" (Center for Methane Prognosis "Sośnica") and Zakład Projektowo-Konsultingowy (Project and Consulting Unit) provide services for the core activity of the company - researching, predicting and fighting the methane, ventilation and eruptive threats in coal mines.
The assessment of natural threats below the ground surface is conducted based on the expert license of Higher Mining Agency.

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